Automatic Pill Dispenser

This clever automatic pill dispenser has 28 storage compartments and the ability to set up to 6 alarms per day.

Depending on the number of doses per day you can Load up your medication for 7 to 28 days. 

TIP - If the patient will be using a pharmacy to refill the device it highly advisable that you purchase a spare tray. These are available from Senior Style. 

Automatic Pill Dispenser (2 lids white & clear) medelert - TabTimer TT6-28SC


  • Fully automatic controlled pill dispenser
  • Includes two interchangeable lids, one solid white lid and one clear lid
  • 28 Pill compartment design with up-to 6 alarms per day
  • Compartments can be loaded with medication for 7 to 28 days, depending on number of doses per day
  • Lockable pill dispenser, ensures only the right dose is accessible at the right time
  • Simple to set up with loud long duration alarms up to 30 minutes
  • 3 alarm tones plus silence to accommodate different hearing levels
  • Volume level approx 50-70db
  • Alarm automatically resets when medication taken
  • Medicines not taken will remain in window until next alarm
  • Missed doses will move around and become inaccessible allowing monitoring of adherence to regimen
  • Clock with 12 or 24 Hour Display Function
  • Secure locking key system
  • Built in test function
  • Low battery indicator
  • 4 x "AA" Size batteries included
  • 28 compartment dispenser tray and 6 day and time discs included
  • Medicine information card supplied to help pharmacies achieve labelling requirements
  • 4x Tamper Evident Labels supplied to help pharmacies meet QCPP requirements
  • Pharmacies can use the tamper evident labels if required, to meet QCPP - Quality Care Pharmacy Program requirements for a dose administration aid


  • Unit Dimensions: Diameter 192.5mm x 52mm High
  • Each compartment is approx. 30mm x 30mm x 10mm
    (large enough for approx. 5-6 large vitamin tablets or approx. 10-12 panadol sized tablets.
  • 12 Month Limited Warranty replacement by product source (excludes battery and lock)
  • Includes; 1x Pill Dispenser, 1x Solid Lid, 1x Clear Lid, 1x Removable Tray, 6x Dosage Ring Templates, 1x Key, 1x Medicine Chart, 4x Tamper Evident Labels, 1x Instruction Manual
  • Carries CE & ROHS Symbols
  • Made in China

This model is the New & Improved Most Recently Released Medelert 1.0 PREMIUM Edition. The updated premium model has the following improvements: new locking mechanism, improved gear design, updated alarm cut-off switch after dispensation, and improved tray alignment.

NOTE: Additional spare tray sets and replacement Tamper Evident Labels are also available.

Some customers leave a tray at the pharmacy while using the other to save time when medications need refilling. 

PLEASE NOTE: The lock has a tamper resistant feature, if the lock is over turned backwards and forwards, the wrong way, or someone attempts to break into the device, the lock WILL break.  We cannot repair the lock if it is broken. A replacement device will be necessary. Breaking the lock will be caused by incorrect operation of the lock. THE LOCK IS NOT COVERED BY ANY REPLACEMENT WARRANTY.  Please take care with the lock.

PLEASE NOTE: Medelert is designed as a medication aid only. Medelert is NOT a medication safe or vault and it is not 100% tamperproof. With determination, a patient may be able to break into the device and access more medicine than intended. If there is any doubt a patient will have an uncontrollable urge to access more medicine than prescribed, please do not use this device. 

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