Easy and Relaxing Memory Activity Book for Adults

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In this book, you will find a wonderful selection of activities, puzzles and games which target different memory and brain skills.

  • Short-term memory — There are many activities that exercise short-term memory in this book including Delightful Details, Particular Pictures, Lovely Lists, Backwards and The Memory Challenge.
  • Long-term memory — You can exercise your long-term recall of life events and other knowledge through several activities in this book including Writing About Your Favourite Book, Cool Categories, Rhyme Time and Well Made Words.
  • Easy Puzzles and Brain Games — There are many classic puzzles that use either use short or long-term memory throughout this book including Crosswords, Word Searches, Spot the Odd One Out, Find the Differences, and Sudoku.

The great variety of activities in this book provide the user with an easy way to exercise their memory and have fun at the same time.

154 Pages