Giant Card Game

Senior Style

This might just look like a listing for a giant card game, but what it really is, is a listing for a resource that can provide hours of entertainment! These 28.5 x 21cm giant cards have to be one of the most versatile aged care resources that we sell! Let us get you started with a few ideas about how you can use them!

Spread the cards out on the floor, throw beanbags and use them as targets. Whoever lands on the largest number/ picture card wins!

Play a game of chance with them. Assign a suit to each corner of the room and residents choose a corner to stand in. Pick a card out of the deck and display it to the residents. If you pick diamonds, then all people standing in the diamond corner are out. Give everyone a chance to move to a new corner if they choose to before selecting the next card. The last person in the game wins! This aged care resource appeals to people of all ages and abilities. Watch peoples competitive streak emerge as they strive to be triumphant in this game of chance!