Orange Joy For All Companion Pet Cat

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Bring delight, laughter, and companionship into the life of an elder loved one with Ageless Innovation’s Joy For All Companion Pet Cat.

Joy For All Companion Pets are designed to look, feel and sound like real cats – but they’re so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs and pleasant meows.

Companion Pets respond to petting, hugging and motion much like the cats you know and love and purring technology further enhances their life-like qualities.

This two-way give-and-take helps create a personally rich experience that can bring fun, joy and friendship to you and your elder loved ones.

The Companion Pet cat is available in three colours: silver and creamy white, orange tabby, and black and white tuxedo.

Batteries included.

Customer Reviews

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My mother-in-law absolutely loves the cat and shows it to everyone in the Aged Care Facility. It has been a huge hit with the other residents and staff.

Awesome for people with cat phobia

Bought this for my son who is a boy with Autism and not verbal. He developed a severe cat phobia, I have no idea why but this is the first cat that has been allowed to sit next to him. He smiles at it and strokes it and it's day 1
So sweet

A wonderful gift for cat loving elderly people suffering from dementia

These cats have continued to give my mother (who suffers dementia) great joy in the nursing home. I purchased a ginger one as it is similar to our family cat Lucy who Mum adores. I told her the new cat was Lucy's cousin from Canada called Lucette as we still have a photo of the real Lucy on the wall in Mum's room at the Nursing Home. Lucette now has her own collar with her name, Mum's name and my mobile on it in case she gets lost in the Nursing Home. This is the third one I have purchased now to replace the last one whose motor failed after a year of daily workouts on Mum's lap. They are essential for her wellbeing and care and I will continue to replace them as they give Mum so much comfort that I can't imagine her without Lucette. The only downside of the cats are that their fur coats are difficult to clean and there is very little instruction about how to go about it. You have to be very careful not to get them too wet because of the batteries and inner workings inside. And also as a shout out for Senior Style I am soooo pleased that they are now available from an Australian company so they arrive more quickly when they need to be replaced!

Ginger Cat

Our mother was beyond thrilled with this kitty - brought tears to our eyes to watch her talk to and cuddle kitty. Such a wonderful idea for dementia patients. Many thanks for such quick delivery.


Cat is sitting on my Mum’s dresser in her nursing home room. My Mum is aware it’s not real, yet she smiles when it meows.
The cat would have been perfect if it blinked, purred, meows etc by itself (without the touch).
Not certain if the size of the suit I ordered is ok.
Very happy the order arrived within a week.