Doll Therapy for Dementia

Doll therapy for people living with dementia can be a divisive subject.

Staff report that dolls can help to reduce agitation and anxiety for people living with dementia.

While family members can sometimes be upset seeing their loved one with a doll and worry that they are being degraded... because after all, babies play with dolls. 

One nurse that we spoke to said 'family members need to enter the world of someone living with dementia'. 

At Senior Style we have a small range of lifelike dolls that can be used in doll therapy. We also have a fantastic book that can help you to decide if this therapeutic approach is right for your individual situation and can provide best practice guidelines for implementation. 

If your loved one prefers a doll that is a little older, then these Paola Reina Dolls Australia, are gorgeously realistic and have stunning hair that can be styled.