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Welcome to Senior Style, a place to buy elderly clothing - for older persons living at home, in retirement villages and at aged care facilities.

The inspiration behind Senior Style came from Steve, a personal care worker (voted Carer of the Year) at an Aged Care facility in Melbourne, Australia. Steve is just one of our team of experts who are here to provide advice, tips and helpful hints to those of you with elderly, frail or disabled family and friends.


Senior Style - comfort, style and affordable senior clothing.

Steve had over time observed that many aged care residents in the facilities where he worked, were wearing inappropriate clothing. This could often make dressing the residents awkward and was also sometimes an uncomfortable experience for residents as well.

Steve regularly fields many questions from families about what clothes they should buy for their loved ones and is often then told by these same people that it can be quite difficult and stressful to find the right types of clothing for their elderly loved ones.

We understand that when a loved one is ill or their personal circumstances change that shopping may not be a priority! It has also been noted that adaptive clothing is often recommended by health care staff and is often at the top of Google search results when searching for 'senior clothing'. While often an excellent product, it is can be expensive and the need for it can be overcome in many situations with the right clothing design and fabric selection.

Let us help you...



Our aim is to take the ‘worry’ out of your shopping experience and to give you and your family the peace of mind that you have bought the correct clothing for your loved ones.

We consult with experienced personal care workers, nurses, nurse educators and occupational therapists to ensure that we understand the needs of you, our valued customers. We also recognise that many seniors living at home desire clothing that is easy to wear, comfortable and affordable and we cater specifically to their needs.


We are very passionate about what we do and we hope that you find our site useful.

Your feedback and comments are always welcome, so please contact us with your thoughts.


The Team at Senior Style



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