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We combine our health industry expertise with our caring, friendly customer service.

Who we are

Just over eight years ago Steve was assisting one of the elderly residents to get dressed at an Aged Care facility. He had been helping residents with dressing for years and observed that when people had the right clothing it was much easier and more comfortable for them.

Steve also fielded many questions from families about what clothes they should buy for their loved ones. Families often told him that it could be quite difficult and stressful to get it right.

And so came his first idea... why not bring the clothing to the residents so that they could choose their own clothing independently or with assistance from family or staff?

What we do

Senior Style now stocks a range of men's and women's elderly clothing including tops, trousers, underwear, sleepwear, knitwear, footwear and adjustable slippers -which are good slippers for the elderly. Choosing slippers for elderly to prevent falls is also an important consideration when shopping for a loved one.

We proudly stock adaptive clothing in men's and women's ranges with many styles, designs and patterns available.

Senior Style has recently expanded to include aged care activity resources, dementia resources, dementia aids, books for dementia caregivers, seniors puzzles and gifts for grandparents, great grandparents and elderly loved ones.

Steve has facilitated over 1800 clothing shows at Residential Care Facilities and Retirement Villages around Victoria. Residents benefit from having the independence to choose their clothes resulting in increased self-esteem and feeling like an individual.

Here is Steve in action.

Awards and qualifications

Steve has a Certificate III in Aged Care and worked as a Personal Care Worker for many years in low care, high care and Dementia Specific units.

In his time working as a Personal Care Worker Steve was awarded 'Carer of the Year'. 

Steve has also shared his wisdom and expertise in training videos that are used to train future Enrolled Nurses.

Later he qualified as an Enrolled Nurse himself when he completed a Diploma of Nursing.

All staff have completed the training provided by Dementia Australia to become a Dementia friend.

How we are different

Senior Style is a small business, led by Steve. We consult with experienced personal care workers, nurses, nurse educators and occupational therapists to ensure that we understand the needs of you, our valued customers. We pride ourselves on having outstanding customer service. We want to make sure that you get what you want when you want!

We are a business with heart. We are very passionate about what we do and we hope that you find our site useful. We are in this business because we love to help and want to make a difference in the lives of the much loved elderly population.

What our customers say about us

All of us here at Hopetoun really value the wonderful service and support that we get from Steve.

Our Consumers love it when we have Steve coming to visit and many families come along to shop with their loved ones.The clothing is stylish and it washes well and holds it shape even with the strict washing guide lines we have. The Lifestyle staff love the gift bags that we use for Christmas, Mothers and Father’s Day. We certainly vote Senior Style No 1 on our Special List.

Norma, Rural Northwest Health

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