Dementia Clocks

Why use a Dementia Clock?

Dementia Clocks are a great resource for reducing anxiety and increasing independence. Many dementia clocks have alarms that can be set to remind a loved one to eat, to take medications, to attend an appointment, to remember a birthday or anything else that is important to their daily life. We have a great range of dementia clocks with a variety of features to ensure that there is a clock for everyone.

Who needs a Dementia Clock?

There are many different types of dementia clocks that have different features. People that can benefit from a dementia clock are not only those with dementia, but people living with memory issues, people that have difficulty recalling dates and remembering to take medications and people who have low vision. Sometimes introducing an ageing person to the clock before it is needed can help to familiarise them with it and reduce their anxiety of trying something new.

What type of Dementia Clocks are there?

The Dementia Day Clock has a large display and orientates the user to the day of the week, whether it is morning or night and of course the time of day. It has a large display for people with low vision and the brightness can be adjusted. Up to 12 alarms can be set, making this a great dementia clock for people suffering from memory impairment. 

Doctors and pharmacists agree that for good health it is important to take medications on a set schedule. This talking dementia alarm clock will help to make sure that this becomes a reality. With the ability to set four reminders, this battery operated dementia clock will give you piece of mind knowing that your loved one will be getting gentle reminders throughout the day!

Reminder Rosie is one of our favourite Dementia Clocks at Senior Style! With the ability to set 25 alarms on any day week or time and to control it fully by voice, this amazing dementia clock is great for people who struggle with fiddly buttons and switches! 

The next dementia clock has a large screen and displays information in full text - no abbreviations! Some people with dementia can become confused by abbreviations and leave them baffled. A great dementia clock for displaying at home so your loved one is orientated and doesn't have to continually ask to be told the day of the week or time of day. This dementia clock is also an attractive option for a room in a nursing home.

If you have any questions about our fantastic range of dementia clocks, please make sure you contact us. We love to hear from our customers!