What is Adaptive Clothing for Seniors?

Adaptive clothing is designed for people with physical or cognitive conditions that have difficulty with dressing or undressing. It often involves rear-design, open backs to enable the clothing to be put on and taken off with ease. Our adjustable clothing also have flat seams to reduce the possibility of pressure injuries caused by immobility of the wearer.

We source our adaptive clothing from Petal Back Clothing. Petal Back Clothing is an established and respected business in Melbourne, Australia and was founded after the owner found that there was inadequate elderly clothing available for her ageing mother. In our adaptive clothing range we have clothing for men and women that includes tops, pants, dresses, shirts, blouses and sundowner suits.

At Senior Style we have realised that there are some circumstances where adaptive clothing use may be overcome by the use of appropriate, everyday clothing. All of our seniors clothing has been carefully selected for the individual needs of our customers and are made of stretchy fabrics that retain their shape. They offer plenty of room for individuals to manoeuvre and ideal for people that have had a stroke, have contractures or poor range of movement in their limbs.

For those that have arthritis, joint pain and reduced finger dexterity may become a problem when dressing and undressing. We have counteracted that by eliminating fiddly buttons, buckles, clasps and zips from our clothing range where possible to enable people to retain their independence for longer. 

If your family member or loved one has advanced dementia you may find that they are resistive to personal care and find the idea of being dressed distressing. This frustration can be exacerbated when it takes time to get inappropriate clothing on or off, often having to manipulate limbs causing further anguish. Our loose fitting and stretchy clothing promotes a more comfortable and less distressing experience for the individual.

If you are living with diabetes you will need footwear appropriate for your needs. Our adjustable slippers are ideal as they reduce the risk of sores or irritation to your feet. If you have oedema, better known as fluid-retention usually in the feet, lower legs and ankles, the slippers adjust to fit all widths of feet and our seamless, loose top socks do not restrict circulation like elastic topped socks can. You may also require looser fitting pants that are easy to get on and accommodate the increase in leg and foot size without having to change footwear.