3 in 1 Coloured Tumbling Towers

Play three different games with this one set of tumbling towers!

1. Tumbling Tower
The Tumbling Tower is an exciting game all. This colourful variation sets the bar one notch higher: Roll the dice and remove a corresponding colour block that matches the colour on the dice. Careful not to make the stack tumble down!

2. Dominoes
Domino is a beloved classic tile-based game for two to four players. Share the blocks out between players and in turn place a matching picture next to the previous domino. Be the first to put all your blocks down to win!

3. Pairs
The Pair game is a great way to train your memory. Turn the blocks over so all the patterns are hidden. Take it turn to turn over a block and then try and find the matching pattern. Try to remember where you last saw the same pattern!
Beech, size 75 x 75 x 275 mm, 52 pieces 75 x 25 x 15 mm, dice.