Blue & Red Book CD Collection Bundle

Matched exactly to the song lists and lyrics in the popular Red and Blue Books by Ulverscroft, this superb two-volume collection will provide endless entertainment for your elderly residents and be a valuable addition to your aged care activities tool kit.

The Blue Book CD Collection has 7 CDs. The Red Book CD Collection has 12. That’s a total of 381 studio-recorded piano tunes all played and arranged with joy and life by Australian entertainer Barry Hall, OAM. 

Here are just some of the ways the collection can be used: 

  • Group sing-alongs using the Blue Song Books
  • Prompts for musical activities such as song-naming games and musical quizzes
  • Seated dance and movement-to-music programs
  • Bus excursions
  • Easy listening background music  

Please note that these are purchased as accompanying music to the popular Red & Blue Books that many facilities already have. The book is not included with the CD collection.

Blue and Red Book CD Collection from AGED CARE MUSIC RESOURCES on Vimeo.