Wall Clock with Day and Date / Or Freestanding - 12 Inch

Are you in Australia and looking for a Wall Clock with Day and Date?

This fantastic, best selling clock, can be easily mounted on the wall or used as a free-standing clock.

It is powered by electricity but also has an internal battery so that in the case of a power outage it will automatically reset to the correct time again. 

This orientation clock for people living with dementia or with memory issues can be used in the living room, the bedroom, the study, the kitchen and classroom. It can be standing or wall-mounted. The high gloss framing is attractive and can complement your home environment perfectly.

Why is a clock for people living with dementia helpful?

Clocks for people living with dementia can reduce the workload of carers

People living with Alzheimer's or Dementia can lose the ability to recognise what the time is and even whether it is day or night. This can cause many challenges for them and for their primary carers. By using this digital calendar orientation day clock it can reduce the challenges.

The Dementia Day Clock simply and clearly displays the time of day and accompanying words such morning, afternoon, evening or night and the symbols AM/PM.

It can help people with dementia live independently and maintain a daily routine
The aim of the day clock is to help people with dementia to be able to link the time of day to their daily routine. The Day Clocks' clear and simple display of time, time of day and date has proven to be helpful for people with dementia or Alzheimer's. The added addition of 12 alarms with pre-set messages, also aids independence and relieves some pressure from caregivers. 

Features of this orientation wall clock with day and date

8 Languages
The time display and menus can be displayed in one of 8 available languages; English, 
French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish or Welsh.

Time Mode / Date Mode
The time can be displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour format.
The date can be displayed as Month-Date-Year or Date-Month-Year
The Day, Time, Date, Month and Year are all shown, non abbreviated.
Additionally, if Advanced mode is selected in the settings, then the time of day will be displayed i.e. Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night etc.

Automatic Brightness
The clock automatically adjusts the display depending on the time of day.  200cd/m2 auto changed brightness; Day mode: 50cd/㎡; Night mode: 10cd/㎡ .  You can also set the brightness manually from level 1 to level 5.

Up to 12 Alarms
You can program up to 12 alarms per day. The alarms will repeat daily (or on specific days of the week). The alarms can have one of the following messages on screen at the alarm time that you set; Meal, Medicine, Clinic, Shower, Gardening, Cleaning, Appointment and Walk Dog. The user can press any button to stop the alarm.

Technical information for this Dementia Day and Date Clock;

  • 12.1 inch LED Backlight Digital Display Clock
  • Day, Time, Date, Month and Year displayed in full wording - non abbreviated
  • If advanced mode selected the time of day is shown i.e. Morning etc.
  • Automatic or manual brightness adjustment
  • Up to 12 alarms per day (or on specific days of the week)
  • Display in one of 8 Languages; English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish or Welsh
  • 12 hour or 24 hour time format
  • Date display format; Date-Month-Year, or Month-Date-Year 
  • Resolution 1024 x 600 high definition display
  • Display Ratio 16:9
  • No glare within 15 feet
  • Dimensions 299mm W x 207mm H x 27mm D
  • Weight 968g
  • Electricity operated only. The internal battery retains the clock time in the event of a power failure.  However, the clock must be plugged in and powered by electricity to operate. 
  • 12V/2A Power Adaptor supplied
  • One year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very good delivery, spot on time.

I bought this clock for my husband in a nursing home and he is delighted with it. Each morning when I ring him he delights in reading out the time and date for me. He is very happy as his watch is becoming difficult for him to read whereas his clock is straight ahead on the wall in front of him. My daughter bought one for her father a few months ago but only put it on the picture rail and it was soon knocked off, by whom I cannot say, and was not able to be repaired. When I took it to a very good watch and clock repairer he said said these clocks have an electronic motor and once damaged they cannot be repaired. So the moral of the story is, I guess, you get what you pay for!! Thank you.


Thank you for a fast delivery, the clock was working really great for the first week then is just went black. I contacted you and we are waiting on a returned post pack to send it back and get a replacement. I bought it for my father and it was helping remember what day and time it was so hope it is replaced soon

Prompt delivery

Thank you for the very fast response to my purchase which in turn resulted in prompt delivery. Very much appreciated.


Although this is advertised for our seniors with dementia, I purchased it for an Autistic young man and it has been a great success. No more anxiety as to what day, date or month it is. This is a fabulous clock and we all particularly love that you can dim the light and it displays morning, afternoon or evening. LOVE this clock.

Great Service

Thanks to the team for such a quick response to my order. The product arrived in good time and is good quality