Hopscotch Target Game

Head back to your school days with this fun target game. The rules are easy. Roll the two dice and then aim and throw your bean bags at the numbers. For example, if you roll a 6 and a 4, take aim and launch your bean bags at these two numbers. Tally up your turns and the person with the highest score wins!

Some other ideas include...

Fill the squares
Each resident has a different coloured bean bag. They take turns throwing their bean bags until they have a bean bag in each square. The first person to fill all of the squares is the winner.

First to 20 or any number
Take it in turns to throw the beanbags at each of the numbers adding them as you go. To increase the complexity of the game you can deduct points if the resident lands on the wrong square.

Name Categories
Label each hopscotch square with the name of a category (books, animals,desserts, etc.). When your bean bags lands on a square, residents can think of an idea for the designated category. If you land in desserts for example, you might say mousse, cheesecake, ice-cream etc.

Maths game
Throw a bean bag onto a square. Create an equation that equals the number landed on. 

Consecutive numbers
Each participant gets ten beanbags per turn and tries to toss consecutive numbers, For examples you might get a 1 before trying for a 2 and then you must get a 3 before trying for a 4 etc, Your score is the highest number that you reach.

77cm x 232cm Hopscotch PVC roll-up mat in a washable design for indoor and outdoor use. Fun for all ages.

Features non-slip rubberized backing.

Download some more game ideas here