Living Well with Dementia through Music: A Resource Book for Activities Providers and Care Staff

Music is an essential tool in dementia care. This accessible guide embraces ways in which music can enhance the daily lives of those with dementia.

It draws on the expertise of practitioners regularly working in dementia settings, as well as incorporating research on people with dementia, to help anyone, whether or not they have any musical skills or experience, to successfully use music in dementia care.

Living Well with Dementia through Music is the perfect go-to guide for music-based activities with people living with dementia.


  • Accessible activities with singing, percussion, sounding bowls and other musical tools, the book shows how music may can be used from the early to late stages of dementia. This creative outlet can extend to inspire dance, movement, poetry and imagery
  • The chapters include creative uses of technology, such as tablets and personal playlists
  • General considerations for using music with people living with dementia in institutional settings, including evaluating and recording outcomes

  • Pub Date:01/2020
  • ISBN:9781785924880
  • Format:Pbk 256 pages