MemRabel 3-X Dementia Orientation Clock - Touch Screen

Dementia friendly touchscreen Audio Visual Orientation/Calendar Reminder Alarm Clock
Perfect for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, memory impairment, cognitive impairment, low vision, or everyday forgetfulness.

MemRabel 3-X - touch screen memory prompting aid 

MemRabel 3-X is a simple tool to help people stay connected and a brilliant aid for people living with memory or cognitive impairment.

A short video, photo or voice memo from a family member or familiar friend can make a world of difference. Now it’s really simple using MemRabel 3-X. For people with an age, disability, confusion, or medical condition, viewing messages can be frustrating or just not possible if they are unable to use a Smartphone.  MemRabel 3-X makes things easier by automatically playing your personalised messages and reminders on the video screen.

PLEASE NOTE:  TabTimer in Australia does not provide or support connection to wi-fi nor do we provide any support for connection to any APP or webportal for this device. Alarm images, videos, sound files must be added to the clock via USB or SD Card and programmed directly on the clock. 

More than a medication reminder!

MemRabel 3-X can help plan a person’s daily routine by receiving video messages from family or professional carers. You can set up a reminders directly on the clock by transfering files via USB or SD card.  For disabilities, dementia, senior care, and for people with learning or cognitive impairment, the possibilities with MemRabel 3-X are endless.

The MemRabel 3-X includes all of the features of the MemRabel 2with the added benefit of touch screen and unlimited alarm reminders.

The MemRabel 3-X has upgraded hardware over previous models. The earliest Memrabel 2 model allowed only up to 20 alarms.  However, the Memrabel 3 has unlimited alarms.

MemRabel 3-X is pre-loaded with over 100 typical daily reminder videos, voice memos and picture files covering medications, home safety, eating, drinking, diabetes, security and more.

You can set unlimited daily, weekly, or monthly reminder alarms from the stock reminder media files.

The MemRabel 3-X, audio visual reminder alarm clock, for people living with memory impairment, cognitive impairment, or everyday forgetfulness, is available in Australia from TabTimer Reminders.

Perfect for people living with Alzheimers, dementia, or other chronic illness or disabilities, the Memrabel 3-X is a visually appealing calendar clock with a high quality, bright contrast display, showing the full time, day, time of day, date, month and year, to avoid those repetitive questions about ‘what time is it’?

Not only is the MemRabel 3-X a functional memory aid clock, but the family or health care worker can easily program unlimited alarms, with accompanying audio visual and video cues.  At alarm time the selected voice reminder with accompanying screen graphic or video is played back on the screen. The alarms can be set as individual one off events, or repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually, for regular medicines, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, or any daily living requirement that needs a gentle reminder. The possibilities are endless.

The device comes with over 100 different audio, image and video files pre-installed for typical reminder events, you can create and add your own to the library, or play directly from an external source via USB or SD Card. Reminders can be set to repeat 1-4 times for each alarm, or repeat at intervals from 5mins to 25mins.  The alarms stop after the number of repeats or duration is reached.

With 5 different calendar display options and four different coloured background options the MemRabel 3 improves visibility for people with poor sight, vision impairment and reduced cognitive ability.

Memrabel-3-X has proven successful in helping people live more independently, and has provided families with some peace of mind knowing that in their absence there is a simple assistive technology that really is making a world of difference.

  • Large clear easy to read display - time, day and date clock
  • Non abbreviated display of Day, Date, Month and Year
  • Choice of 8 time display formats
  • 12hr (AM/PM indicator)
  • Choice of 4 backgrounds and contrast colours
  • Unlimited programmable daily, weekly, monthly, yearly alarms
  • Reminders with accompanying screen graphic /photo
  • Over 100 pre-loaded voice reminders and graphics
  • Choose from pre-loaded voice and picture reminders for medication, eating, drinking, appointments and usual daily chores, or create and install your own
  • Stand on table or hang on the wall
  • The MemRabel-3 is power operated only. It comes with an Australian power supply.
  • You cannot use the device on batteries. However, the internal memory will remember the time and alarm settings in the event of an interruption to the power supply
  • Powered by Australian 5V mains adaptor (included)
  • Long life on-board battery for backup of clock and alarm settings
  • Dimensions (mm) : 215 x 175
  • Screen size 182 x 140 x 6.4mm, 8” TFT LED Display
  • Internal file storage 8Gb
  • Picture formats JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • Audio formats MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, AAC, WAV, FLAC
  • Video formats RM, RMVB, AVI, MP4, MOV, VOB, PMP, FLV
  • Interfaces Standard USB, Mini USB, 3-in-1 Card Slot SD/MMC/MS
  • Warranty 12 months from product source

Customise the clock and alarms using files transferred from a USB or SD Card 

✓ Transfer media files for alarm time playback - once only, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
✓ Use personalised videos or photos with text to create memory prompts or routine planning
✓ Easy to use music and video recording player
✓ Create and transfer media file memory prompting alarms with your USB drive or SD Card 

The MemRabel 3-X is a high-performance prompting calendar clock. MemRabel 3 uses touch-screen technology to provide a simple method of creating personalised memory prompts (unlimited alarm reminders) to benefit people with cognitive impairment. Videos and photos are easily transferred using an SD card or USB Flash Drive to use as a memory prompt. You can split the screen and add personalised text to accompany video or photo playback at alarm time.

User interaction level with MemRabel 3-i can be selected:

  • No interaction alarm: memory prompts are played automatically at selected times. Screen is passcode locked to prevent tamper.
  • Video playback: Upload video files and assign to touch-screen playback thumbnail tiles.
  • Music player: Upload a favourite music playlist for simple one-touch play/pause/resume/stop. All other settings are locked out.

MemRabel 3-X allows carer instruction videos to be created for playback. The carer can play a family created video to learn about new medications or care preferences eliminating the need for whiteboard or written messages.

Key Features

  • Timed playback of personalised video, personalised photos with text, or slideshows
  • Touch screen alarm time memory prompt set up
  • Plan a daily routine with video instruction
  • Manage medication reminders
  • Select alarm repeat for single, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Create and control timed playback of family or memory prompting slideshows
  • Choice of clock face and colour
  • Daily repeat medication course setting (for 8-10 days as example)
  • Easy music player upload a favourite playlist of music
  • Assign your videos to a touch tile for easy playback
  • Create carer instruction video for one-touch playback
  • Simple alarm memory prompt set up wizard
  • Media file copy wizard from Flash Drive
  • Memory prompt alarm files arranged for easy view and edit
  • Night mode display dimmer, use setting menu to select screen dimming time
  • Touch screen music player with play/pause/resume/shuffle/stop
  • Touch screen memory prompt media file playback stop
  • Hearing impaired visual alarm notification
  • Alarm countdown alternates screen from black to white with numbers descending from 10 to 1 preceding prompting alarm playback
  • Choice of user interaction level with screen passcode lock
  • Automatic seasonal time adjustment
  • Over 100 stock reminder files pre-installed for simple memory prompt creation
  • See usage policy, privacy and personal data notices on our website

Settings Menu

  • File copy wizard
  • Manual alarm creation
  • Easy alarm setup wizard
  • Video tiles - Assign videos to thumbnails for touch screen playback
  • Music playback - use the file copy wizard to copy over a playlist
  • Alarm review with easy edit and delete
  • Night mode time setup
  • Set screen pass code lock

Technical Features

  • Display screen dimensions: 220 x 140mm
  • 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200)
  • Capacitive touch screen menu navigation
  • Power: 5V DC mains adaptor
  • Inputs: USB/SD Card (supports up to 128GB)
  • Outputs: 3.5mm Stereo headphone jack socket
  • Audio output: 2 x 2W RMS
  • Lockable memory prompt alarm volume
  • User adjustable music volume adjustment
  • Menu Access: Touchscreen & rear menu buttons
  • Power consumption +/- 1W
  • Create unlimited alarm prompts
  • Overall dimensions: 22cm x 18cm
  • Screen Size 16cm x 12cm
  • Internal storage 8Gb
  • Picture formats JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • Audio Formats MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, AAC, WAV, FLAC
  • Video Formats RM, RMVB, AVI, MP4, MOV, VOB, PMP, FLV
  • Time of day display; 6am-11am Morning ☼, 12pm-5pm Afternoon, 6pm-7pm Evening ☽, 8pm-11pm Night ☽, 12am-5am Early Morning ☼
  • Volume- Chime 1 approx 87dB, Chime 2 approx 84dB, Chime 3 approx 82dB
  • 12 Months warranty

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