Sharing Sensory Stories and Conversations with People with Dementia

Pub Date:05/2018


Format:Pbk 192 pages

Sensory Stories contain just a few lines of text, and are brought to life through a selection of meaningful sensory experiences. They have been shown to be highly effective in helping care for people with dementia, and can enable them to engage with their memories, life history and more, in a way that would otherwise not be possible. Despite these benefits, there is very little guidance on how to incorporate this approach in everyday care.


This book looks at how sensory engagement can help someone with dementia feel safe and secure, minimise their anxieties, support their cognitive abilities, as well as other benefits. Full of practical advice, this book provides everything you need to put Sensory Stories into practice. Written at a level suitable for both family members and practitioners, this innovative book will be invaluable for anyone supporting a person with dementia.


1. Introduction.

2. Sensory engagement and its relevance for people with dementia.

3. The benefits of sensory stimulation.

4. Sensory conversations.

5. Sensory stories.

6. Sensory support.

7. Sensory environments.

8. Sensory support for mental well being.

9. Conclusion