Exploring Your Senses Kit - Tactile

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Wow! This 30 piece kit is an exploration for your resident's senses! A variety of materials and textures are included in the kit to stimulate the nervous system and delight your residents as they explore squeezy, oozy, squishy, fluffy tactile sensations.

All stored in a plastic tub - just use it, and then quickly pop it away for another time.

This fantastic kit is a great way to introduce sensory tools to the residents and the variety of resources means that there may be something that appeals to each person's sensory profile.

Want to look at each of these items in more detail? Most are able to be purchased individually. More information can be found on the respective product pages.

Ages 3+

  1. Water Snake
  2. Wooden Twist Lock
  3. Push Pop
  4. Pearl Squishy Ball
  5. Glitter Orb Ball
  6. Wacky Track
  7. Mouldable Stress Ball
  8. Sheep Bean Bag
  9. Shaggy Bean Bag
  10. Pom Pom Ball (Latex Free)
  11. Spinning Top
  12. Amazing Quicksand
  13. Lacing animal
  14. Marble Tunnel
  15. Squishy Dice
  16. Ipad Popper
  17. Plastic Spring
  18. Bouncing Putty
  19. Marble Fidget
  20. Fluffy Wrist Band
  21. Sequin Wrist Band
  22. Soma Cube
  23. Large Noodle
  24. Stretchy Tube
  25. Snapper Fidget
  26. Small Orb Ball
  27. Wooden Hand Massager
  28. Rainbow Orbit Ball
  29. Two-Tone Orb Ball
  30. Dimple Popper


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