Weighted Lap Bag - 2kg Sequin


Watch mesmerised as the sequins on this weighted lap bag change colour while you move them back and forth with your hands. It is a visual feast for your eyes and a sensory delight for your hands.

Weighted products are being experimented with more often in residential care facilities as they can help people that experience anxiety or that enjoy a deep pressure sensory experience.

The blue sequin lap bag (Lapis Lazuli) has silver on the reverse side of the sequins and the green sequin lap bag (Magic) has purple. 

Care instructions

Machine wash separately on gentle cycle in warm or cold water. Line dry is recommended. If your weighted product has bright colours, the manufacturer recommends washing for the first time in cold water with 1 cup of salt to set the colours.

How to Order

For Residential Care Facilities, Retirement Villages & Businesses: Place items in your cart and proceed through checkout online - you have the option of selecting 'invoice' if you are ordering on behalf of your organisation. This means that we will send your gift bags out to you with an invoice for payment within 30 days.

Alternatively please feel free to email a purchase order and we can process your order that way if preferred (rather than going online - please do not do both as this may result in a duplicate order). 

All other customers: Checkout online.